Hair or no hair that is the question...

Well I never, It's been one hell of a year! 

New Years Eve bought water infections to myself and Oakley which was no fun. 

No Weddings, Christenings or funerals, therefore i've been able to avoid 'doing' my hair for almost a whole year!!! Hair being the problem....

I woke up last Sunday with a bald patch the size of a 5p piece, by Thursday, however the area had expanded to what I felt was half of my head but to my caring, thoughtful, husband was a minute amount!  I've never experienced anyone who has had any hair loss before, other than through cancer treatments, so to wake up with it was horrifying.  I've never been hair proud and never used any different shampoo or conditioner for at least 10 years, I don't use hairspray or products so was mortified when I saw my initial bald patch.  I made myself a doctors appointment to get an official diagnosis rather than just my google searches and family history searching.  I presumed that having trialled a lacto-free diet for the last 6 months due to a previous trial and error diet to work out the reason for my digestive problems, I may have inadvertently deprived my body of protein that aids hair growth.  Only on my visit to the doctors, they told me that only a steroid liquid might possibly help my hair situation and that I would be referred to a dermatologist for further investigation.  I'm a worrier by nature and was not happy that although this illness could be triggered by stress (of which I have none), the thought of losing my hair has now developed this. I have been 'diagnosed' with Alopecia, something that I didn't think would ever happen to me and when I first became dramatic about my hair loss said to my husband by Friday I'll look like Gail Porter (no criticism of Gail, esp with my diagnosis, All the more love!).  I thought that a diagnosis for Alopecia meant you would go completely bald, not just suffer with bald patches that grow back on and off throughout life, that I can cope with. 

I do not think I am a vein person or feel that my hair defines me.  For example as a teenager I used to say I was confused as to why anyone was born with hair as it caused as much upset and competition between teenagers as clothing did, and if were all born bald this would not be a problem.  This is thus the argument for all school children wearing uniform.  

I am not saying in anyway whatsoever that I am comfortable with this or happy with my diagnosis, I have no idea whether my current steroid treatment or treatment through my Dermatology referral will help but I am going to have to come to terms with it and the fact that if it spreads it will become public anyway (unless I become a recluse). I want others to know that it is not something to be ashamed of, yet another part of life to embrace and take on the chin, just as so many other things that slap you in the face do! Other things may be easier to talk about or easier to conceal but honesty and true friends and family are the best things going and in this last week my husband, best friend and family have been the best and no-one has been weepy except from me, and i think i'm allowed! 

Anyway, we'll see what treatment and time brings, but apart from that i'm happy and healthy! 

Happy New Year!

#hairloss #alopecia #stress #toddlers #newyear #lactofree

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