More newness!

So... as suggested by myself I have managed to keep ontop of the house-ish! My ironing pile is currently empty which as Iain said is a miracle not seen for at least 6 years! My house cleaning is getting there with the help of my 2 year old assistant who walks around everyday with either a broom or feather duster 'helping'. 

Our alcohol consumption has depleted thanks to two factors, 1. Oakley's godparents have dearly departed our local watering hole for pastures new and a well deserved break and 2. Iain's swapped from white to red wine therefore reducing our intake of white wine considerably. 

We now have also reached the beautiful age with Oakley of banter/argument/question! Every conversation you have with my gorgeous creation ends in 'no', 'it's not' or 'daddy's fault'. On the plus side it's very rarely my fault! 

I'm so unbelievably tired from sleeping alongside a night owl, not Iain, and being on the go with him and the house, not to mention the dog all day everyday and paperwork with the shops. I am not one to complain as I appreciate many mothers have it a hell of a lot harder than me! I love my snuggles with my baby. I love the slow motion argument he has with himself as he rouses from his beautiful slumber. I would not change it for the world. 

The school holidays are never easy as my affections from my delightful are now shared with a short-term exciting experience of Oakley's elder sibling being around. At least, therefore, he's torementing someone else. Unfortunately the boys do not set boundaries for Oakley as they are but children themselves, leading to 'divaness' from Oakley when they go back to their mum's! 

I'm a creature of habit and enjoy my routine. Not that I have much of one! 

We're looking forward to the return of our jet setting, globetrotting babysitters so that Iain and I can have some food at the same time, at a table not on a tray and a sleep from before 11pm until at least 11am! Just once!!! 

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