30 + 2...almost!

As we reach the impending terrible twos I sit there mulling over Oakley's last couple of years on planet earth... No I don't!!!! Terrible twos began over a month ago and I have as much time to blow my nose as I get to have time away from my 'baby'. He's as I wanted, a proper mummy's boy! I love it even as he has a commentary through me having a shower, going for a wee or doing my teeth. Rather than being offended or agitated by his commentary I  am forever astounded and proud by his ever growing vocabulary. On the odd occasion that he decides he fancies being a daddy's boy I feel as though I've had every teething episode, crappy nappy, tired and snappiness, refusal to get dressed all thrown back just because daddy got back from work or golf! Aside from my bitterness about his outward displays of affection towards one parent rather than another I love the affection he does show, especially when he wakes up! We've spent months trying (in a fashion) to get him into sleeping in his cot to the point that he can sleep wherever he likes providing we all wake up happy and feel like we've had a good sleep. Happy baby, happy mummy and visa versa! Oakley has been an amazing globetrotter again flying to Berlin for my 30th with thanks to our travelling babysitters/mum and dad! He saw a zoo, museums, trains, planes and automobiles and was phenomenally behaved the whole time! He's seen more than many Southwell adults ever have!!! 

My 30th was well and truely celebrated in style and strung out to the max with the Berlin trip followed by a meal and night out in West Bridgford and a night away in Liverpool! An amazing time had thanks to lovely friends and family, currently giving my liver a rest and attempting the losing task of sorting the shop accounts out! 

Need to give February our New Years resolutions of eating healthily, drinking less, walking more and keeping on top of the house,not to mention a small menace actually turning 2!!!! Here goes...... 

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