It's been a while!

With an ever busy schedule at work and a toddler to chase around after it's proved to be a bit of a challenge to get and 'blogging' done! We've had a busy summer in the designer kids shop but have also had to put in the hours juggling the children and trying to make time to visit the family and make a poor attempt and maintaining a remotely clean house. 

When I started this blog I thought I'd be able to document each of the wonderful milestones that Oakley had reached but the speed of his development has astounded me. My baby Einstein is helping further my case that he need not go to school but stay at home with me forever! This is not a winning argument might I add as Iain is still adamant that he will run the 'normal' course of childhood development and dutifully attend preschool and school. My reasoning is my selfish want to spend all of his changing, developmental years with me to witness everyday. It is also my illogical fear that children catch not simply germs from other children but learn bad habits and behaviour, not to mention an affliction to dirt. This does not please someone who dresses their child in impeccably ironed expensive clothing. 

With regards his intellectual capacity,my child is a genius, in my unbiased opinion.  His vocabulary is huge and his knowledge is even more vast.  My favourite thing is my new friend Mr Tumble (my old enemy).  I used to detest the repetitiveness of every episode that Oakley insisted on watching. I now, however, look forward to my 9.45am fix of Mr Tumble and the amount of Makaton sign language myself and Oakley are learning.  My favourites have to be crab, donkey and chipatti.  Obviously there is no link between the three which are all hard to describe in blog format without resorting to 'vlogging'. 

He has really developed a proper little Oakley character of his own and I look forward to seeing what he is like this Christmas and how he reacts not only to visiting Santa in a pop up grotto but his first real experience of trying to unwrap something, especially with his new favourite realisation that you can get in and out of and play with a.... box. 

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