Baby no more

My little gorgeous, squishy, snuggly little baby is no more.  He is a proper toddler/ little man!  He knows yes from no, up from down and right from wrong not that he likes the answers to any of these.  I'm so delighted that my genius has learnt 'wo wo wo boat'! On the negative side it means that anyone that comes into contact with him must sing row row row your boat a million times to keep him happy!  It doesn't feel like he'll be far away from full conversations.  

My dislike of mainstream baby tv and my ideas of only playing Ivor the engined and Bill and Ben are out of the window and I am now priding myself on my sign knowledge thanks to Mr Tumble!   I've even clocked myself watching    Mr Tumble in the lounge whilst Oakley is concentrating on BBC news in the kitchen. 

He's running around and waving his arms around entertaining everyone but making my heart melt in every minute that he's learning and growing up and evermore away from needing his mummy.  I love that for now he's a mummy's boy and thought that I would hold him forever, snuggling up to me, learning and loving from me but he's already grasping the outside and the real world and how to play up and show off to it... good boy, just like his mummy!!!! Dudley asked me which bit I like best, Oakley little and cuddly or Oakley now, running, mubling and constantly faking over himself?! I honestly don't know, I miss how easy it was to change his nappy when he moved less but love how much he notices and kiss thing as well as remembering people abs places.  He's got the most gorgeous toothy smile that he didn't have 6 months ago and Iain thinks that he's really starting to look like his mummy, the double chin is almost there! 

I love every growing moment of my beautiful boy and cherish every second. Xxx

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