Almost a year!

I'm struggling with the idea that my 'little' baby will be a year old next Thursday. I'm not thinking about the oh hasn't it gone quick thing, but moreover the surely one year olds do more? I guess having not had any small creatures before I was oblivious to milestones and comparisons between children.  I have not attended and baby grounps etc for lack of wanting to talk about how wonderful everyone else's babies are and how useless their husbands are when I'm happy with both.  I understand the potential lack of socialisation for Oakley but I am happy to interact with my friends who have children and their delightfuls.I also have no idea what a one year old wants for their birthday giving the lack of vocabulary!  I am used to older children having a list as long as their arms, therefore I am heading down the practical route. I think a 4 way trike is in order and some clothes.  He is growing at a fast rate! 

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