11month Monster!

This little beauty turned 11 months with a bang, a literal bang, or two. He reached this milestone and has been on the move ever since. Crawling at speed and clambering on anything that doesn't move and some that do. Wobbling around the furniture is Oakley's daily exercise. He's transforming from cute baby to toddler and as wonderful as it is to see him grow and develop I am miserably watching my little squidgy ball of loveliness disappear before my eyes. With 8 teeth and more constantly on the way it will only be a matter of time before he is soley on solid foods and no longer wants baby milk.  The positives of his developments is he is noticing more, smiling and giggling at everything.  Unless he's shouting at Iain or myself.  He can play hide and seek properly and is learning how to play with his toys as they were intended to be played with rather than just chewed. 

Later this month Oakley will be one! No more counting how many months old he is, it will be in years from now on! Do you spoil them because they're only one once or not bother as they'll never remember it anyway? 

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