A busy 2016

It's finally coming to the end of a whirlwind year. We had our beautiful little man in February, bought our house in April, did it up by replacing our kitchen, bathroom and flooring May to August, visited Paris with Oakley in September, started the shop fit for our new shop in November and opened in December. At last we can say this hectic time has almost come to an end and we can gradually return to a degree of normality.  Wrong, we are still working our socks off and palming Oakley off left right and centre to our wonderful collection of babysitters. We are racing around sorting last minute Christmas shopping and wrapping, not to mention the 3 birthdays we have in December!

I asked Iain what comes after severe exhaustion, to which he replied 'death'.  I am therefore suffering from 'death'.

I think we need a holiday!

Oakley has had a nasty tummy bug on and off for weeks.  This was followed by projectile vomit from the other two, from each bunk bed, it covers a remarkable distance!

Oakley seems to be growing up daily and developing his own character and personality. He learned to clap yesterday and copies Iain when he laughs or coughs.  His little fangs are developing nicely too.  Although they've given him some amount of upset, his little teggies are coming along nicely and are allowing him to investigate and try eating new foods. Not that we are really winning as he's a creature of habit at the minute.  I'm not sure where he gets that from? It can't be me?? Making Iain watch White Christmas or Sister Act weekly!

We are looking forward to a snuggly easy going Christmas.  Not likely but one can hope.  Oakley's not being spoilt as there's no chance he'll remember in the future. Once again we weren't spoiling each other or the kids but that remains to be seen on Sunday!

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