Food and freedom 

My gorgeous little lump has decided that food is not something that should be digested but instead sprayed all over himself and mummy!  Initially I thought it was due to the food stuffs I was feeding him but when I tried him on his favourite food and he still spit it everywhere, I've now realised it's just his new game! 

I've had a pass tonight for a couple of hours thanks to babysitting from my parents, I don't know what we'll do when they go off on their early retirement travels next month.  I enjoyed a couple of pints at our local but due to the occasion being a young couple we know going travelling I don't think I can really hack the drinking they plan on for their leaving 'sesh'. I have now realised although I've got my ability to drink back following my sober pregnancy, I just end up missing my bean and need to go home to get my baby fix.  Bizarrely, although I get fed up of baby talk all the time when Iain's away, I miss baby time more when I'm trying to have adult time and realise I'm only talking about Oakley and boring people to death, in which case I might as well talk to Oakley myself! 

Fortunately my baby misses me too when I'm out so my snuggles on return make it all worthwhile! 

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