Stress, Stress and more stress

We had a really successful meeting in Paris, that was the only success. Oakley was amazing on the plane. However, our luggage was lost and not returned until a month later, our return flight was cancelled due to French air strikes and our hotel rom was 4 floors up with no lift! 

Anyway I'm currently sat with a glass of wine watching junk on the tv having gone up and down the stairs to sort out Oakley who is being repeatedly woken up by our moron neighbours having a really noisy gathering (it can't be described as a party as they've only got one guest!).  To top it off my husband is subbing himself in Spain on a golf trip, jealous, I've got the heating on!  I have no issue with Iain being away as I know I'm perfectly capable of looking after my little bean, but the dog knows he's away so is playing up and our buggy brakes broke so whilst in repairs at mothercare I've been given a loan pushchair.  Needless to say Oakley is dissatisfied with the suspension or lack there of in comparison to his normal luxurious form of transport. It just proves you get what you pay for, although our peak was expensive it's an amazing contraption.  

The plans for our new shop are well underway now with backing from the bank, rental agreement with the shopping centre, staffing arranged and cross fingers a shop fitter organised we should be open mid-November!  It's an exciting venture, of a little stressful.  I popped into a new shop in Southwell today, Core, opened by my friend Marian.  Looking good! Can't believe how much stock she's squeezed into such a tiny unit and how much work she's done herself to get it up and running. Well done Marian!  If only it were so straight forward for us.  

I've been making up loads of new food for my little man today after our trip to the local green grocers.  Today's lunch was avocado, blueberries and apple, with dinner strawberries and apple. I've potted up some broccoli, avocado and kiwi for tomorrow.  I'm loving experimenting and getting Oakley to try new thing and he seems to enjoy it too!  The only no go so far has been bananas which he likes but don't like him. 

Time to whizz through a bit of therapeutic ironing before another early night! 

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