Teeth, taste buds and talking!

Two tooth torture has arrived. Our constantly chirpy chappy has now developed the art of squawking day and night when his new teeth have been giving him pain. Both the front bottom teeth arrived at the same time which has caused him double the grief. Fortunately they are most of the way through now which means we can concerntrate on food! After consulting the health visitors we decided to ignore them and begin the weaning process when we felt he was ready and not when they tell you to. As it turns out we must've been right as he took to it like a duck to water, no sick, choking, no difficulty learning how to swallow. We started with the Cow And Gate baby porridge as we figured we would stick to the brand we'd been using for his formula. We also raided Mothercare again, this time for gadgets to help prepare purees etc. Oakley is loving home made fruit and veg purees and i'm saving a fortune, not to mention we are all eating more fruit and veg as there is more in the house. As is evident from the picture my little man loves the occasional Farley's Rusk too although the after effects are not too dissimilar to wallpaper paste all over the high chair!

Now to say that Oakley is talking at 6 months old is a fib. He is mainly babbling and shouting, mostly at the dog in baby language. Cassie seems to have an understanding of what he is saying though as she loyally appears at his side, lying down when summoned and dutifully sits still when Oakley is tugging at her ears. We have been encouraging Oakley to talk by constantly interacting with him and repeating words and phrases to him. We've tried the usual 'Mama' and 'Dada' and the not so common 'Apple' and 'Cassie, No'. He recognises when we say 'Mama' he looks in my direction and 'Dada' in Iains. However, Iain's most satisfying moment is when Oakley says 'a-a'. We've taken this to mean 'Dada' just with out the 'd' sound. He also indicates who he is talking to when he says it. It's so cute! In addition to vocally interacting with Oakley we are trying out baby sign. Some think it's a new trend and doesn't actually aid a child's ability to communicate. We haven't gone to classes just read about it, watched videos and have downloaded a great app. For us it's just a fun way of showing something to Oakley that he can see when we talk to him rather. He can't copy us yet but it's early days.

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