Baby bean is now a broad bean!

Happy five month birthday to my little man! Where on earth have the last five months gone? It has evidently been jam packed due to my absence from updating this blog. We've bought our house, ripped the bathroom and kitchen out, moved walls, laid new flooring and redecorated. All with a newborn! Are we mad??? I'm starting to think so. On the plus side, living in what felt like war aftermath has made us de-clutter a bit. It was also done all in one go rather than stringing it out over months on end. The almost finished result is amazing.

More importantly Oakley is getting bigger by the day and constantly changing and developing so fast that we can hardly keep up. He's definately a happy baby who is always smiling and chuntering to us, even if it is a 5.30am! Oakley gives the most awesome kisses which i'm sure is giving Iain and I sore lips. We are yet to enforce any routine upon Oakley and are still going with the flow to some extent. As long as Oakley is a happy and content baby then we are happy and content parents.

His older brothers are certainly giving us the run around too. Whether it is county wide football tournaments or their hectic social calendar we are on the go every weekend. Dempsie has just finished primary school and will be off to 'big school' in September, a prospect which neither excites or delights him. That may be his relaxed nature or his pre-teen attitude shining through already. Dudley is seeming to develop middle child syndrome already. Either that or the hot weather we've had recently has had a bizarre affect on him.

My mother has now retired from teaching and is looking forward to spending time with Oakley. I'm not sure she's realised what she's letting herself in for. Combing holidays and babysitting, she'll be busier than she was at work!

I shall have to return to enter another blog as Oakley (currently sitting un-aided between me and the laptop) is hitting the keys with his hands and feet, thus making typing hard work.

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