Sorry! I'm Late!

Only kidding... I wouldn't do that again!

My laptop has unfortunately been out of action for the last few weeks and due to a certain preoccupation i've only just got around to seeing my amazing tech genius friend James Turner to get it fixed.

My beautiful little boy is now seven and a half weeks old and growing daily. I think i'm going to have to do a post about all the things noone told you about pregnancy, birth, and beyond. I'm learning everyday about how to be a mummy. My husband is my main teacher as he's done the baby thing before and other than that I pretty much rely on the internet, especially my brilliant baby centre app! Our wonderful Oakley has got his own routine which i've got the hang of for now and he lets us have about 5 hours sleep at night, awake for 15 minutes, then back to sleep for another 3 and a half hours. To be honest that's more sleep than i've had in a year so I love it! I've decided to fully formula feed now which is a blessing as I never could get any privacy in our house and I can enjoy a pint or a glass of wine without any guilty feelings. I figured that if I was going against all recommendations by giving my baby a dummy and letting him sleep on my tummy, I

might as well go the whole hog and bottle feed him now too. I think that as he's a healthy baby who is on the whole content and happy then i'm not making any mistakes in my book. I agree with the philosophy happy mummy = happy baby and visa versa. Every health visitor appointment goes well and she's always so chuffed with his progress, not that I need telling, my biased mothers intuition is pretty right.

Oakley tried smiling at about 5 weeks and is now in full blown giggles. He only seems to do it with me and Iain which makes me so proud he knows us and knows us and also that we're obviously interacting with him enough to make him happy and is aware of who we are, no matter how selfish that sounds. Iain hasn't really had to work much which is a god send as Oakley and Cass (dog) are a two person job not to mention the house and the boys. I can't imagine how hard it is to be a single parent. I only had a momentary introduction to it today when Iain was at golf and Oakley pooped everywhere - all the way to his ears. I was caked, he was caked and I some how had to run his bath, strip him, clean the poo, stain remove his clothes, take out the rubbish, keep the dog's face out of it all whilst keeping Oakley entertained and that was all before I actually got him into the bath and then decorated the lounge in talc! I guess that will teach me to put him in a cute little outfit so early on in the day. Anyway, hats off to single parents! I couldn't do it!

We took Oakley on his first proper family visit last week. Scotland would've been a bit far to take a 6 week old especially squeezed into the back seat of our car with the two boys. Fortunately we met 'half way' in Keswick for lunch. We found a gorgeous restaurant, The Woodstone Grill I think it was called. The food was lush and very reasonably priced. I imagine Keswick is a lovely place to visit when it's not slinging it down or blowing a gale which it was when we went, not to mention the snow blizzard we drove through on the way there! Anyway, the main thing was Oakley got to meet his granny and aunties. I think Granny was made up to see all three boys and I know it made Iain's day to see his mum so happy and definately made the hideous journey worth while.

Ooh I can hear the little man stirring so it must be feed or change time then off to bedfordshire!

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