Oakley's here!

At 5.46pm on Tusday 23rd February 2016 my little angel came into the world. He is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen, but I guess i'm biased. My early labour started at 3.30am. To combat the 15 minute contraction pains I watched Labyrinth whilst ironing. When the pain started to worsen and contractions became closer together I got a shower and nipped to the shop for the essentials we needed then began pacing around my lounge taking paracetamol and convincing myself that I was having a 'mind over matter' experience. We eventually went to hospital at 1.30pm and after a failed attempt at diamorphine I struggled through with gas and air and foul language (according to my husband). Our little miracle arrived at quarter to six and after a shower, post natal checks and a visit from my parents we were home by 11pm. There was no way on this earth that me and my new baby were unnecessarily staying in a ward surrounded by other women and their crying babies when I was able to go back home and sleep in my own bed with my husband both beside me physically and on my side to help out with the first night of feeding and changing not to mention the emotional support when the adrenaline and entinox had eventually worn off. I can't quite believe he's finally here and will be a week old today. It has gone so fast already. Iain is amazing with him and has helped me out so much, doing the house work, food shopping, dog walking and still managed to do 'shifts' during the night feeding and changing little Oakley.

I always thought I was the most unmaternal person on the planet. I didn't understand people's obsession with the 'baby smell', the concept of unconditional love or that people can survive on less than 8 hours sleep. I am now a convert however and cannot take my adoring eyes off my beautiful boy. If my body could physically cope with being awake 24 hours then I would hold him constantly. Although my insides feel butchered, the bags under my eyes have become excess luggage and I have a hiddeous jelly belly I wouldn't change any of it now that i've finally got my little boy to hold, cuddle and kiss. Today Iain and I took him to get registered and then Iain went into work for a couple of hours. In return for my solo feeding, rocking, changing, winding during the morning, Iain took Oakley for a walk in the buggy around the town to allow my a window of a couple of hours to catch up on some sleep. The only problem with this was the thought of being separated from Oakley for two hours devastated me and I sat in bed upset with my attachment issues.

It's now 3am and i'm watching a repeat of Pointless whilst rocking Oakley. He's had a bit of a rough day feeding and has projectile vomited down me three times between 8 and 10pm. Iain is exhausted so rather than disturbing him with trying to settle Oakley only to be awoken for a feed, we've decided to set up camp in the lounge for a few hours.

I'm sure i'll have plenty more early morning opportunities to blog about my new experiences of mother hood which will no doubt be far less gushing than this soppy post.

#baby #labour #birth

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