Fitbit Charge HR review!

So I ordered my husband and I a Fitbit Charge HR each last Friday in the hope that we can get ourselves fit when the little one arrives and also because I don't have a funtioning watch and the time facility on the Fitbit Charge is a bonus. I ordered them from Amazon for the always speedy dispatch and delivery. We have both got the watches in black so as to be able to wear them with any outfit for any occasion. Initially I think I was wearing mine a little tightly as after only a couple of hours I had a huge dent in my wrist that was gradually cutting my circulation off! It was really easy to set up the Fitbit app on our phones with our personal details and fitness goals. We don't really 'work out' so that's not our reason for getting them but we do like walking and Iain enjoys golf every couple of days so it's great for keeping track of how far we're walking. I have to admit I don't think i've set the calorie counting correctly as I seem to be burning more calories that I am eating and not doing a vast amount of physical activity in my 'condition' (39 weeks pregnant!).

There is a brilliant funtion on the Fitbit, the HR function whereby it records the heart rate of the wearer. Iain has always been concerned about his heart rate and blood pressure so this is a great function that he can monitor and the touch of a button. The only down side is either i'm exceptionally unfit or dying as my heart rate is through the roof whether i'm resting or shuffling around which is completely the opposite to my low blood pressure taken by the midwife on Thursday. On the plus side Iain feels great about himself and comparatively healthy heart rate.

The charge on the Fitbit is brilliant and lasts for days without needing a charge which not only takes a very short period of time but notifies me on my phone when it's fully charged and ready to wear again - very clever!

Excellent gadget that I would definately recommend!

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