The Mcfadyens trying out my selfie stick!

No not me, i'm already married. We had a midwife appointment today and finally little Oakley's head is engaged. I guess that explains the back ache and tummy pains i've been having the last 10 days or so, he's been wiggling his way towards the exit! Appart from that it was a pretty non eventful appointment. I decided to hop on the scales simply out of curiosity and was mortified... 10st 6lbs! I've never weighed so much in my life. I know i'm pregnant and can probably use that as an excuse but as i've only got a relatively neat little bump, no water retention or added 'fat' elsewhere I can only deduce that Oakley's a little chunk.

We celebrated Dudley's 9th birthday at the weekend with a party at a trampoline centre followed by bowling, just a few of our friends and their children. Two activities i'm unable to participate in due to my vast size. He thoroughly enjoyed himself and was shattered by Sunday evening. No more parties to arrange until the christening in May, phew.

One less stress we have to deal with is the purchase of our house that went through this week. Well the mortgage has been arranged and solicitor now underway with the legal side of it so with a bit of luck it will be ours by mid March... At last! It's been a long slog getting here but at last we'll be able to start making our house our forever home.

We (Iain and I) decided to buy Fitbit watches this week in a hope that we can get fit together after Oakley's arrival and also monitor our sleep or lack of . I only ordered them yesterday and due to be delivered today. I'm looking forward to reviewing and seeing if the hype is true!

#Fitbit #babybump #midwife

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