Winter Break

It feels like forever since I blogged and I guess it is. Christmas, New Year and my Birthday all sober and all out of the way for another 11 months. My husband and I enjoyed a quiet child-free Chrismas for what will be the last time for a couple of decades and a chilly New Year visiting the in-laws with the boys in Scotland. It's a bit rubbish having a birthday in January as it is with people being skint after Christmas and back to work, so add to that that i'm almost ready to drop makes for a pretty uneventful birthday. Also waking up to no birthday gifts from my family just I.O.Us for when the little man has arrived. Iain made my day a bit better by a shopping trip to York and a yummy lunch at the Gormet Burger Kitchen. The food was lush and inhaled rapidly. We got some great bargains in January sales, I guess that's the bonus of a January birthday.

With regards my ever-growing bump we have had a number of visits to and from the City Hospital over the last month. I began itching a few days before Christmas and had to go for blood tests for suspected cholestasis (liver condition causing itchy hands and feet). The itching continued after Christmas and a number of spots began to appear in random patches of my body. After another visit to the hospital I had more blood taken which resulted in the most horrendous bruising to the majority of my right arm and left it tingling for days. I've been given the all clear for cholestasis and chicken pox so my mystery rashes and spots have been put down to one of those pregnancy things that will probably clear up after birth.

We are all prepared for little Oakley's arrival now. Our hospital bags have been packed and in the car for a fortnight now just incase he makes and early appearance. His little room looks amazing and very well co-ordinated. It was just a shame that our expert building of the cot was wasted as it was too big to fit through the door of his nursery and into our room so was therefore dismantled and rebuilt in our bedroom. With less than four weeks to go heartburn is back day and night and nothing seems to be getting rid of it. Sleep is getting to be a thing of the past already my huge front is making getting comfortable impossible. I feel awful waking Iain up and shring my discomfort but I explained to him last night that trying to turn over in bed is difficult with the equivalent to two and a half bags of sugar stuck to my stomach. I now completely understand it when people say that the first and third trimesters and the worst and the only respite is the brief second trimester.

We've got a midwife appointment this week where we have to take our birth plan. Our plan is, we have no plan, not a clue. I guess we had better try an muddle something together before Thursday. Wish me luck!

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