Maternity has begun

My maternity leave started at the beginning of this month. I feel a bit of a fraud saying that when not only had I gone into wind down mode at least a month earlier but thanks to my husband being my boss, I hardly have to work long hours anyway. We have definately timed it well though giving me a bit of extra chill out time before Christmas which has massively reduced the usual festive stress. That combined with our Christmas shopping having started in August, I think we are remarkably well prepared! This year we have Iain's children for New Year so it's just the three of us (me, Iain and Cassie) this Christmas for the last time ever! I wonder if Oakley know's i'm typing about him not being here? He's just started kick boxing practice against my ribs!

I keep reading forums, apps and web pages about how my baby should be growing or behaving but if he's anything like his brother Dudley erratic would sum him up. He's not really developed any sort of pattern with regards his movements, it just seems to be after any form of food or when i'm trying to sleep. Following our last midwife appointment a fortnight ago he is growing to schedule which is good and his little heart is pounding away as it should be. As uncomfotable as sleeping or getting snugged in bed may be at least every movement is reassuring.

My thoughtful husband bought me a hospital bag gift last week... the most lush pair of slipper socks. I had to phone my mum to tell her how impressed I was with him! He also bought me a lovely head warmer and scarf for our first wedding anniversary last Sunday. We decided to go to Birmingham for the Christmas Market and stay over in a nice hotel. Originally we had it booked for the Saturday to Sunday but due to a last minute funeral of Iain's relative we moved it back a day which I guess turned out for the better. It was really busy for the market on Sunday so I can't imagine how mobbed it would've been on the Saturday. Not to mention the bustling drunks that I have no tolerance for in my sober state.

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