Third Trimester... At Last

We are almost there... Well technically still 12 weeks away from our due date but all this nesting that we've been doing makes me feel a little more prepared. We finished painting 'the nursery'. Until this week i've been calling it the spare room as it's been pretty much a dumping ground and not just for baby stuff. Finally we have assembled the furniture and painted the walls and it's looking great in my biased opinion! Iain's not a fan of DIY so as stressful as it's been for him it's been a delight for me. When it's hard to do things with a bump in the way it feels like a real achievement for me to be able to get something completed and be pleased with it. We also visited Mothercare today and spent a fortune yet again on bedding for the cot. It looks unbeliveably cute and was something that we both agreed on. They also had a great deal on a matching baby gym £29.99 down to £14.99, a bit of a steal in comparisson with the rest of the decor.

I'm eating like a horse and getting as much sleep as an insomniac which has led to me feeling a bit like a fat zombie the last couple of weeks. We've been trying to take nice long walks with the dog and geocaching along the way. We did an 8 mile walk on Sunday morning but had to stop half way round at a village pub for a loo break. Yet another thing that's seriously getting in the way of normal life. I have a bladder the size of a peanut, or so it feels, a peanut that gets squashed by little Oakley who seems to thoroughly enjoy dog walks. He doesn't seem to be much of a mover unless we're dog walking or i'm about to go to bed. As worried as I have the potential to be Iain keeps reassuring me that Oakley might just be having a quiet few days or maybe prefers the back of my tummy space rather than obvious kicks sticking out. I'm now at the 28 week stage so don't feel like i'd be being a pain in calling the 24 hour midwife number if my worries got the better of me.

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