Bonfire Night!

Disney Fireworks

So the picture might be a bit deceiving, i'm not a Disney for firework night, merely sat in my house sheltering from the rain awaiting the local firework display at the Rugby Club. I took the photo on our family holiday last year to Disney in Florida. We have spoilt the children so much by taking them to Disney to see the fireworks that the 8 year old now comments that the fireworks at home will be good but 'not a patch on Disney'. I guess he forgets that the Rugby Club also don't have the funds that Disney does!

On a seperate note, we had our 25 week appointment with the midwife today. It wasn't our usual midwife as we found out today she is on long term sick so it was a replacement. On the plus side the replacement was called Julie Andrew, almost Julie Andrews (one of my heroines), or so i kept thinking throughout our appointment! Our little Oakley is in the right place in my every growing stomach and has a 'perfect' heartbeat which is wonderfully reassuring to hear. Due to my having an anterior placenta it's been a bit disconcerting until this last week or so as i've not had to much movement. I think he's making up for it now though and is inducing fits of childish giggles from Iain and I when we go to bed and baby Oakley decides to wake up. He seems to respond to Cassie our labrador resting on my tummy or Iain tapping on my skin by kicking and punching back. I love it and we love him too even though we're not likely to have any more scans and will have to wait until February to meet him!!!!

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