a bit about me:

A little bit about me.... Well as this is a blog about my newly married life and baby on the way I guess I had only sum up what me and my life is like nowadays.  I'm 28 and live near Nottingham in England.  My husband Iain and I were married in December 2014 and decided pretty quickly afterwards that we would expand our family.  Iain already has two children that we share custody of.  We also share our humble abode with my beautiful fur baby, our 5 year old golden labrador Cassie.  Life is pretty hectic as it is so deciding to have another child has been an exciting yet stressful decision so far.  I love taking long walks with Cass to destress and listen to music.  I think my former shopping obsession has come back with a vengeance so not only will I be blogging about my introduction into full time motherhood and wifely lifestyle but also the treats and bargins i find along the way! 

I am a bit of an elclectic character as I have the most bizarre taste in music and films.  I love holidays, not to be confused with travelling, I don't think I could cope with not having a hot shower everyday, carrying round my life in one bag or staying in a tent or grotty hostel.  I will leave that up to my globetrotting sister.  Instead we love America and in particular taking our family to Disney World Florida. 

I attempt to expand my cookery and baking skills with varied success.  Keep an eye out for my favourite recipes or feel free to send me yours!